Colorbrigde Arts

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Colorbridge Arts Collective is a multifaceted grassroots arts collective dedicated to providing inspired thematic curricula and studio art education opportunities for individuals, schools, families and community groups.  It’s mission is to provide children with familiarity and fluency with concepts of art, thereby creating the foundation for confidence, communication, problem solving, and social change.Music is a universal language.

In this five week program, students learn about music and use studio art projects to explore sound frequencies as they relate to music and light. Students will build musical instruments and use simple bookmaking, drawing and color to explore the music, sounds (and noise) all around us.

Intersect Arts Center

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The Intersect Arts Center is a place of creativity and diversity which offers artists studio spaces, adult art classes, and a youth after school program. They also curate the Intersect Art Gallery, and a community events program.

Loud & Clear STL

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Loud and Clear STL, a Sonic Arts United initiative and Allied Media Projects sponsored project, is a 10-week program designed to support girls, and young women who have an interest in the sonic arts, by providing them with a safe space, and the technology to learn, create and share ideas.

The desired outcomes are to raise the self-esteem of participants, create bonds that foster mutual respect, and provide the necessary tools, training, and mentorship that shows girls and young women a career in the sonic arts, is an achievable career path for them to follow.

Past Programs

Poetry, Hip-Hop and Singing Styles

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