Back in August, we started rehearsing for Color Play, a collaboration between Center of Creative Arts (COCA), and Lawrence Arts Center (LAW).  This entire process was very new for us, not only because we did some light acting, but the approach to scoring a play musically was nothing we’ve experienced before.

The video above gives a quick look at the rehearsal and creation process, while the video below explains the early educational research for the production led by Amanda Pintore.

We were lucky enough to be interviewed by Arizona State University’s Early Childhood Network Newsletter digging a bit deeper in our process, as well as Rachel Allai from the Lawrence Arts Center, of creating the music for Color Play.

Follow the link here:  The AATE Early Childhood Network Newsletter: Fall/Winter 2018!

Syna So Grateful for the budding partnership we have with St. Louis Public Library’s Creative Experience..  We’ve successfully completed our 4th workshop within the space and we feel this was the best one yet.

The goal was to interactively allow participants to score original music from passages of text, an image, as well as a short silent video clip.

We’re learning what works and what doesn’t as far as formatting and presentation, but we feel this presentation hit the perfect sweet spot.  We plan to put on another 4 workshops for 2019, and we think this will be one that we will repeat!

Enjoy the clip of the participants working below!