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Photographer: Mabel SuenSt. Louis Magazine
Dec 2016
Photographer: Syrhea ConawayRiverfront Times
Nov 2016
Photograper: Ben Kapland
Arts and Education Council
Jan 2016
Photographer: Corey WoodruffRiverfront Times
Feb 2014
Photographer: Kevin RobertsSt. Louis Magazine
May 2013
erics200Riverfront Times
Apr 2012

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TTBOOK Sheldon1
To the Best of Our Knowledge
June 2017
Photo courtesy of St. Louis Public Radio
St. Louis Public Radio
May 2015
Photogrpher: Eric Seelig
Aug 2010

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VOXRiverFront Times
St. Louis Magazine
Loop Talk Vol. 2
Loop Talk Vol. 2: Two Riffs and Some HeartacheRiverFront Times
Loop Talk Vol. 1Loop Talk Vol. 1: The Power of One; The Power of You

Eleven Magazine
RiverFront Times

make two people happymake two people happy

RiverFront Times

Sound Design

A Call to Conscience, Inc.
A Black Woman Speaks (Live)
March 2018
TTBOOK Sheldon
To the Best of Our Knowledge

June 2017