WashU MFA2017 Exhibition

We had the honor of collaborating with our dear friend, Kahlil Irving in his final exhibition at Washington University’s Mildred Kemper Gallery.  Kahlil is a talented multimedia artist (designer, writer, curator) more famously known for his pottery work.

In this exhibition, his work is about black nationalism and the fight that Black Americans have to continue to endure while walking in this life. The hopes and experiences within the piece, intended to share with the viewers attending the exhibition, is that we are here, we are healthy, and we are fighting for our liberation beyond the metaphorical and physical chains they have put on us.

Because of the setting and political social climate of the current United States, we chose to re-arrange James Weldon Johnson’s “Lift Every Voice and Sing” for 4 part female harmonies.   Below is a recording of our performance, with local vocalist/musicians, Alexis Coleman, Adria Nicole, and Loren Davis-Stroud (left to right).

Listen closely to hear Kahlil silently singing along with our performance.

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