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Bandcamp Friday is Today!






On the First Friday of every month, Bandcamp waives their revenue share to aid artists in the ongoing impact of COVID-19 pandemic.  100% of all sales made today goes directly to the artist.  Our newest album, CHILL/HYPE, will be released on April 16th, 2021 but can be preordered today!  The next and final Bandcamp Friday is May 7th, 2021.




Pre Order “CHILL/HYPE”

Stay Tuned for our next single release next week while taking a moment to experience “to WORRY isn’t LOVE doll”, a beautiful music video created by the talented video artist Zlatko Cosic.

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Overseas Love
“listen to the RAIN and remember”, from the album “HYPE” was selected as the “Best Tracks in the Month of March” from “The Quietus”, an online british magazine.

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“CHILL/HYPE, a warm hour of remixes and reimaginings from Syna So Pro, was born over nine First Fridays in 2019, when Syrhea Conaway channeled exhibitions and artist statements into gallery-filling sonic lifeforce at the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis. Originally it was filler, retreads of old stuff to pad out evening-length art party sets of original music. But the fans and artists loved how the sounds found an emotional essence, a purity of Syrhea’s vision.

The songs are from her albums “Loop Talk Vol. 1&2″ (self-released, 2014-15) and “VOX” (FPE, 2016). Syrhea poured them with her beautiful soul into the Syna system… then poured again… and poured and repoured, mixed and remixed. Triggered and layered vocal parts on a pad, then mixed in stardust. Simmered until it shimmered. It’s dessert now, cream and light and a little fluffy. Now they’re here for practically everyone to hear: go ahead, take that mental HOLIDAY!”

…still looping w/LOVE

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